Join Us

Issue 1 is now live, and available here. Issue 2 will be out in early February, and we’re currently reading work for Issue 3. 

In the wake of the election of a person who does not represent us, who we do not want as our President, we posit this: we will create writing and art to fill the void. We will publish writing and art by people who are angry and grieving and confused and numb, which is a lot of us. We’d like to prioritize people who have been historically oppressed and will likely face consequences of the election, by which we mean: people of color, people with disabilities, queer people, trans people, women, immigrants… the list goes on, unfortunately. But your work is not unfortunate and we’d like to create a space for it. Send us your writing & art, and let us know what category it falls under (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art, spoken word, a category we haven’t thought of yet). In the most basic representative sense, we don’t have a President, so let’s create one. 

Work submitted does not need to be directly in response to the candidates or the election, and can be other work that blends the personal and the political. 

Please send submissions, questions, or any suggestions to and please include the category of your submission (i.e. poetry, humor, fiction, nonfiction, spoken word, or visual art) in the subject line of your email.


We’d like to see 3-5 poems, 1 work of prose, 1-5 spoken word pieces, and/or 1-5 visual art pieces. Send a 3rd person bio as well (and we’d like your preferred pronouns for when we hype you on social media). Please wait to hear back from us before sending another submission.


Please submit one to five poems of any length. Submissions should include separate audio recordings (mp3) of each poem, and a single document containing the text of the poems recorded. We realize not everyone has professional recording equipment, but please keep the following in mind:

  • Keep background and white noise minimal. If you have to record in a closet with a blanket over you…it feels silly, but it helps a lot!
  • Enunciate, please!
  • Don’t break the bank buying equipment either. Most smartphones today provide high enough sound quality if recorded properly.

We’re tired of hearing from him, let’s hear from you instead.